AT&T Inc. is the largest provider of fixed telephony in the United States, and is also a provider of broadband and subscription television services. As of 2010, AT&T is the 7th largest company in the United States by total revenue, as well as the 4th largest non-oil company in the US (behind Walmart, General Electric and Bank of America). It is the 20th largest mobile telecom operator in the world with over 96 million mobile customers.

Southwestern Bell Corporation was one of seven Regional Bell Operating Company that were incorporated in 1983 by AT&T Corp following the break-up of the original AT&T as a result of the United States v. AT&T antitrust suit. The company changed its name in 1995 to SBC Communications Inc. and again in 2005 to AT&T Inc. after it purchased its former parent company, AT&T Corporation. The newly merged company took on the iconic AT&T logo and stock-trading symbol (NYSE: T, for "telephone").

The current AT&T reconstitutes much of the former Bell System and includes ten of the original 22 Bell Operating Companies along with one it partially owned (Southern New England Telephone), and the original long distance division. The company is headquartered in downtown Dallas, Texas.


Additional Notes

  1. AirVoice Wireless. Initially 500 mb is deposited into your account. Once you reach that limit, you must call customer service to get remaining 500 MB added. Data can be throttled at any time at Airvoice’s discretion
  2. PureTalk USA. Service will be terminated if you exceed 750 minutes talk in conference calls or via call forwarding. There are no overages unless you request to be allowed overages which occur at a rate of $10 per 100MB or 100 MMS.
  3. Cricket Mobile. LTE speeds limited to 8mbps and HSPA+ 4mbps, over data limit speeds throttled to 128kbps
  4. Jolt Mobile. UNLIMITED voice services may not be used for conference calling, 3-way calling or call forwarding. Data can only be applied in 500mb increments. Once you hit 500mb you must call to get other 500mb activated
  5. SkyView Wireless. No call forwarding or 3 way calling. No MMS. No sms short codes. Text between 2 individuals only
  6. Red Pocket Mobile. No call forwarding, or 3 way calling. No streaming audio or video or games
  7. Straight Talk Wireless. No sms short codes. No unusually long and repeated phone calls. Data usage that is excessive and above average could result in termination
  8. Net10 Wireless. Limited sms short code. Data usage above the average customer can result in termination. Price is with auto pay enabled.
  9. H20 wireless. Price is with autopay enabled
  10. Consumer Cellular. In certain situations Consumer Cellular may ship out T-Mobile sims without informing you.