Six Experience-Enhancing Tips for Streaming Platforms

 Six Experience-Enhancing Tips for Streaming Platforms

Six Experience-Enhancing Tips for Streaming Platforms

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Streaming platforms have received boosts in visits since the coronavirus pandemic struck. Since social distancing techniques have been advised, many individuals have turned to the internet for entertainment. TV shows, comedy skits, movies, and short videos are massively watched daily by internet users.

Despite this heavy usage of streaming platforms, several web surfers are not maximizing the entire experience. Many people still have no idea of hacks like keyboard shortcuts and getting access to quality content.

Below, you’ll find six tips that you can use to enjoy streaming services better. This article focuses on platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and Disney Plus.

  1. Show IMDb Ratings on Netflix

Every time a movie-watcher finishes a film, there’s this challenge of finding another movie as interesting as the former. Of course, the best way to search for a quality movie is by checking reviews on Google. However, this process is strenuous and can ruin the whole experience.

With a Chrome extension called IMDb Ratings on Netflix, you can get instant ratings for your Netflix shows. Once your arrow hovers above a movie title, you’ll see the information come up. It’d be easier for you to choose your next TV show in seconds or a couple of minutes with the extension.

  1. YouTube’s Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts can make YouTube streaming easier when you’re using a PC. However, having to drag your arrow all the time for simple functions can get tiring.

You can hit your Spacebar key to pause and play videos. ‘M’ mutes and unmutes videos, ‘0’ takes you to the start of a video. With ‘F’, you can change from windows view to full screen. To push the video for 10 seconds, press ‘L’. To take the video back 10 seconds, press ‘J’.

  1. Viewing Extras on Disney Plus

Have you watched a movie so interesting that you felt like never wanting it to end? Well, with extras, you can try to elongate the picture’s experience with deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes videos. 

Disney Plus adds extras to several movies shown on the platform. You can click on a video and hit the ‘Extras’ button under the ‘Play’ sign to watch any extra.

  1. Watch Netflix with a VPN

Even though users around the world pay a similar price for their Netflix subscription, some regions have a more comprehensive range of content than others. In addition, Netflix has to deal with many copyright and licensing issues, which sometimes leads to geo-blocking.

Geo-blocking or geo-restrictions prevent people in a region from viewing certain content on the internet. If you’re armed with a VPN (Virtual Private Network), however, you’d be able to beat geo-blocks after you connect to a VPN server.

For example, popular shows like ‘House of Cards’ and ‘Orange is the New Black’ are restricted in several regions. With a VPN, you’d be able to enjoy these fantastic TV shows.

  1. Flip your Computer Screen

If you like watching video content from the comfort of your bed, this tip is for you! You can flip your screen on Netflix with the Netflix Flip Chrome extension. This add-on rotates your screen by 90 degrees so that you can avoid straining your neck when you’re resting.

  1. Use Parental Controls

If your kids have a Netflix profile, you can protect them from explicit content by activating parental controls. You can adjust these controls depending on your child’s age bracket. Head over to ‘Account’ on the target profile and hit ‘Profile and Parental Controls’.

For YouTube, you can click on your profile icon and switch on ‘Restricted Mode’. Make sure you refresh the page after this action before leaving your child to surf YouTube.


Reliance on streaming platforms for entertainment has increased since social distancing rules were enacted by governments worldwide. To enjoy streaming services better, you can get familiar with keyboard shortcuts, access a better library using a VPN, and use extensions that display movie and TV show ratings.

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