How outsourcing your IT support can improve your company operations

 Hosted servers and IT services have improved dramatically over recent years – to the point that many companies now completely outsource their network operations to third-party Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

With the recent emergence of coronavirus, firms have come to rely more and more on their networks to allow staff to work remotely from home while still managing to function. Lockdowns and isolation also brought about a massive growth in e-commerce – again making companies ever more reliant on their web services. Almost without exception, the businesses that have fared best through the coronavirus pandemic have been those that already had a strong external network and online presence in place.

If your company still runs its IT and network services in-house, here are just a few reasons why you could be missing out, wasting money, and, ultimately, causing yourself headaches that could otherwise be very easily avoided.

Service scalability and growth

If you attempt to run your network locally, you’ll face a constant upward struggle (not to mention considerable expense) if you look to expanding or increasing the scope and range of your services. Upgrading equipment can often be complex and doesn’t come cheap – plus, it requires technical skills and experience to make sure your network is safe. However, by outsourcing to a third party, upgrades to services are just a phone call or email away. Outsourcing your IT requirements means your network and IT provision can grow as your company grows. Equally, should you find you need to scale back, your provider can remove or downgrade your services.

Providers ensure you’re using the latest, fastest, safest technology 

IT providers spend considerable money investing in the latest tech – meaning you don’t have to. Technology moves at a blistering speed these days, but it’s in an MSP’s interest to stay ahead of the game and offer its clients the fastest, most up-to-date tech. Perhaps more importantly, a provider will build and tailor its services exactly around your needs, ensuring you get the very best Return on Investment (ROI).

Benefit from unrivaled technical expertise 

Even if you have a dedicated in-house IT team, it’s unlikely they’ll have the time (or, often, the inclination) to stay on top of new technologies. This situation is made all the worse when, as is often the case, one member of your regular staff is assigned the duty of maintaining your network (often without any actual formal training behind them). IT companies spend considerable time and money on ensuring their employees are kept up to date with new technology and industry advancements – leaving you to get on with running your business.

Reduce labor costs 

Pretty much all companies rely extensively on their IT networks these days but employing a dedicated team can be prohibitively expensive, particularly for smaller firms or when you’re just starting out. By outsourcing, you can reduce this overhead - and all in the knowledge that your team is as professional as it can be. 

The take out 

The list above features just a few of the numerous benefits to be gained from using third-party IT providers. While it can often seem a little counter-intuitive to outsource such a vital part of your operations and trust an external company, the paybacks will soon become clear once you start working with a professional provider.

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