Businesses Thriving Through The Pandemic (And Still Hiring)

Companies that adapted to the pandemic's changing tides found themselves looking to hire more people rather than cutting costs and letting people go. Even within the same industry, a company's reaction to Covid determined whether it let people go or hire to keep up with new business aspects. 

The travel industry took a major hit due to vacationers' fear of catching the virus on non-essential trips. While American Airlines cut service to smaller airports, Southwest added destinations like Palm Springs and Miami. The different business strategies before, during, and after the pandemic affect the company's bottom line and the lives of their employees. Southwest was able to delay furloughs much longer than other airlines due to their agile reaction to the pandemic. 

While airlines certainly aren't hiring, tech companies are finding ways to serve customers during the pandemic, creating jobs in the process. Uber was a better fit to survive the work-from-home situation since they have their hand in the growing business of food delivery. This edge over competitors Lyft and Via helped them pivot their business to last through the pandemic. Even though Uber had to let people go and sell their flying car initiative, it focused its efforts on revenue-driving initiatives keeping the company moving in a positive direction.

Food delivery is a great example of a thriving industry during the pandemic. If food delivery isn't your cup of tea, you can look for other roles at any of the companies that skip stores and go straight to the consumer. 

Direct-to-Consumer Companies Growing

During the pandemic, few buzzwords grew in popularity like contactless. Contactless became the keyword for grocery stores, restaurants, credit cards, and just about every other business. Contactless payments were well established before the pandemic but spiked in popularity as we became hyper-aware of exchanging plastic cards and paper money with the cashiers who handle payments from dozens of customers an hour. 

Understandably, many people don't even want to go to the store and find ways to do all of their shopping without leaving the house. Retail, grocery, and big-box stores are increasing the number of ways you can get all of your essentials delivered straight to your doorstep. These companies are growing empires that will make people's lives easier. Direct-to-consumer companies are growing during the pandemic, and because people are finding it preferable to avoid the grocery store, these companies have a prominent spot in the post-pandemic world. 

Direct to consumer companies are tech companies at their core. They rely on tech workers to build infrastructures that make ordering and delivering goods effortless for employees and customers. A fabulous and easy to use website or app will increase the likelihood that customers become repeat customers. 

Web designers and software engineers are just as essential to the success of these businesses as the people who deliver the goods. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, tech roles were growing in demand before the pandemic; it doesn't seem like the demand will be subsiding any time soon, even with the distribution of vaccines. 

Tech Companies Need All Types Of Employees

Just like non-tech companies need to fill tech roles, tech companies need to fill non-tech positions. Tech companies providing essential software services are rapidly growing as the demand for video-based services and other technologies increase. Tech companies need project managers, accountants, and human resources personnel. Looking at tech companies for employment can be a great way to find awesome opportunities in growing fields. 

Online Learning Companies Are Booming Like Never Before

Another sector of online business that is growing is online learning. Schools transitioned to video-based classes with tremendous speed. Online learning isn't just for high school and college students; people also learn hobbies, trades, and new career skills online. 

The pandemic is revolutionizing how we learn by removing the classroom and bringing classes straight into our home. Websites like Coursera, MasterClass, and Udemy give people new ways to learn new skills, hobbies, and techniques that would cost hundreds to thousands of dollars for in-person classes. MasterClass takes it up a notch by offering courses from people at the top of their fields. 

Coding bootcamps are on the rise during the pandemic as people want to learn cybersecurity, online marketing, and software development. Coding bootcamps, like Codesmith, are the perfect way to jump-start your tech career by learning the skills for entry-level employment in tech professions. The pandemic is helping propel tech careers to new heights by increasing demand and creating resilient job security. 

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