5 signs that your phone might have malware

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The ever-increasing data ecosystem and the constantly adapting cybersecurity breaches call for some serious action. However, more often than not people don’t realize their system or device may be under threat. Before the action-taking stage and preventive stage, there is the more important ‘analyzing stage’, wherein one needs to understand the nature of a threat that is compromising their security. 

While there are tons of cybersecurity threats lurking on the web, looking for that one chance to infect your cell phone, today we will talk about the most common kind -- Malware. Malware is known to be relentless for its malicious attacks on smartphones; it ends up causing a lot of damage to people’s devices. It only shows up in minor ways, like draining your cellphone’s battery, but it can also be as severe as mimicking legitimate apps on your phone. 

Staying alert and informed about the ways in which malware acts and shows up should be the first item on your checklist while thinking about your phone’s security. Apart from that, to ensure maximum mobile phone security it is best to get a dedicated security service for your cellphone. When it comes to this, a trustable name like Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android can provide absolute protection against malware and other cybersecurity threats. An effective protection solution for your cell phone can give you a safer surfing experience and a more relaxed approach while working on your cellphone. 

Here are five signs that your phone has malware: 

Uncontrolled increase in data usage 

At certain moments, you may see your smartphone sending an alert, cautioning about the approaching data limit. Typically, this happens because the vast majority of internet traffic is utilized to show advertisements and promotions that continually spring up on your smartphone screen. Subsequently, in the event that you notice a sudden spike in data utilization, it can be a sign that your phone has been introduced to some malware. 

Quick draining battery 

Malware and different types of viruses can affect your phone via the large amounts of battery they use; their impact can show up in the form of malfunctions from time to time on your device. For example, a compromised smartphone will show a noticeably sharp drop in battery life. Along these lines, if you have seen that your smartphone is draining all its battery fairly quicker than it used to, then you might want to check your phone for some malware or unwanted software. 

Unexplained charges on your bill 

Sometimes malware is capable of making some unattempted calls or messages to chargeable numbers. If you do end up seeing these unexplained charges on your phone bill, then you should check your recent call history and messages sent in order to narrow down where your phone ended up spending money. You can even contact your phone carrier for additional information on the issue. In case you can pinpoint the application that caused the weird calls and messages, just uninstall it asap. 

The unexplained appearance of pop-ups 

On the off chance that you begin noticing invasive advertisements and irritating promotional pop-ups on your smartphone, then it is pretty clear that your smartphone has been infected with some kind of malware or adware. Additionally, advertisements that spring up from anywhere and have links to dubious sites also prove that you have mistakenly installed an infectious application. 

Overheating of the phone and bad performance 

Each time malware and other viruses infiltrate your gadget, they will in general deplete a large portion of the phone’s resources to keep the malware running. Cases like your phone overheating are going to be common occurrences. Similarly, when the virus produces results, the speed of your phone will become annoyingly laggy and unlike what you’re used to. If your smartphone begins to experience abrupt spikes in temperature while at the same time turning out to be incredibly laggy, then there is a possibility that your phone has malware. 


As they say, prevention is the best cure, thus, staying safe from malware by following some easy steps will not cost you much. The easiest and the most convenient approach will be to manage the circumstance and clean up your phone with excellent antivirus software like that provided by Bitdefender, which gives complete protection to your cellphone. Thereby saving your data and time from malware infection. Other than that, it’s important to keep in mind that you should avoid downloading apps from third-party app stores. Sometimes malicious activities via such apps can cause significant security breaches to your phone. 


Keeping up with such malware information and taking precautions for it is of the utmost importance when dealing with something so sly. The right knowledge of things, in the long run, will save you from security breaches of all kinds and not just malware.

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