How to Cope With Unemployment And Get Back On Track During The Coronavirus Pandemic

How to Cope With Unemployment And Get Back On Track During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Being unemployed is a situation that many had to face during the pandemic. For those who couldn’t work from home, it became tougher and overwhelming. However, for tech professionals, the effect was the opposite. As companies needed remote workers that could help them survive, they started to hire more tech talent.

During the coronavirus lockdown, customers began to use mobile apps and websites to shop online. As a result, they are now more concerned about the features and experiences any product or service can provide. These days, customers’ demands are higher, and companies need to continually innovate their products so they can meet customers’ expectations.

If you’re lost, and you don’t know how to become relevant, you should consider learning these tech skills. They will help you to become a remote worker and get back on track during Covid-19.


WordPress is making the web a better place. And nowadays, around 35 percent of the web is using WordPress. Developers can build unique websites within minutes and add useful plugins to make sites more interactive.

WordPress has every required tool to make a website that can position any brand at the top of the competition. Many companies are hiring WordPress developers to meet customers’ needs. As they can provide better services, attracting and retaining customers is not a struggle.

Also, WordPress development is excellent for beginners. It’s easy to learn and use. You can go from zero to hero in just a few weeks. As it’s easy to customize—you can decide to build a site from scratch or use an existing theme. After all, it allows you to change whatever you want, from the theme background to website sliders and logos.

To learn WordPress, you can enroll in a coding bootcamp. They have become very popular as they provide you with the right knowledge to launch a new tech career. In that case, you’ll be able to not only impress employers but to land a job.


If you’re looking to end your unemployment days, SQL will help you achieve your goal. Nowadays, organizations are concerned about how data is managed and stored. With the use of IoT, more companies need tech professionals who can merge data from different sources. SQL is the right tool to deal with large pools of data and combine information from multiple sources.

If you learn SQL, you’ll significantly increase your chances of getting a new job. Candidates with SQL skills are in demand, and today offers are very attractive. SQL developers get not only good payments but also great benefits.

According to Indeed, an SQL developer can make, on average, $91,000 per year in the US. And among their most common benefits are caregiver leave and health savings account. Coding Schools like Kenzie Academy provide SQL courses which are great to start learning.

Kenzie Academy’s software engineering program is designed to make you a skilled coder. As you’ll develop core computer science skills, you can aim to get a senior role over time. Their programs are available online and in-person, so you can enroll in the one that best fits your needs.

Machine Learning

Machine learning has become indispensable to get hired these days. Employers are looking for aspirants with machine learning skills as they can help companies not only to remain competitive but to transform the market. Leading companies like Google, Tesla, Amazon, and Facebook are already using machine learning to create better products and provide better services.

Even now, during the pandemic, machine learning is helping to combat Covid-19. Many organizations are using “robot delivery.” They can provide contactless services, and customers won’t get ill. On the other hand, AI-powered robots help medical staff keep hospitals and clinics clean so they can prevent the virus from spreading.

Data has become the gold of the new century. But analyzing, interpreting, and visualizing data can be time-consuming. For that reason, data scientists use machine learning algorithms to deal with data. They can provide better results and allow organizations to make better decisions.

To learn machine learning skills, you can join a Python bootcamp. Python is the perfect tool to implement machine learning algorithms as well as dealing with data. Data analysts and data scientists love Python because they can receive support from a large community that’s always willing to give them a hand.

No matter if you want to use Python for dealing with data or for web development, General Assembly allows you to learn what you need to become a skilled Python coder. At General Assembly, you’ll have the chance to get the job of your dreams. Their hiring partners includes world-class companies like Google, Microsoft, Condé Nast, and more.


Since mobile apps have become crucial for meeting customers’ requirements, the demand for employees with mobile development skills has increased. If you learn Java, you can develop exceptional apps to help companies stay relevant.

Many Java developers earn up to $104,000 in the US and can enjoy great benefits. As they are in demand, every employer would like a Java developer in their team. Java makes the tasks of building apps much easier. By using libraries, developers can save time on coding and focus on the design.

Many people have learned Java from scratch by themselves. But, since having a degree is fundamental to getting hired, you should start a Flatiron School course. The company has designed its courses to provide students with the best instructors.

Students can receive help from a career support team during each course that will help them launch a lifelong career in tech. The company also provides students with mock interviews and employer introductions so students can be ready for the job hunt.

In Summary

These tech skills are what you need to get back on track and overcome unemployment during the pandemic. As they will allow you to become a remote employee, you’ll meet employers’ demands. Furthermore, you’ll improve your work-life balance, and the days of feeling stressed will be over.

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