App or Website? 7 Reasons Why Apps are Better


App or Website? 7 Reasons Why Apps are Better

With the global presence of around 5 billion or more mobile users, there is no doubt that the smartphones are the gadgets of choice for consumers.
Naturally, businesses now have to switch to mobile as a marketing medium if they are eyeing conversions or are striving to captivate the customers.

It has become imperative for the entrepreneurs, therefore, to optimise their websites and mobile apps to ensure a steady flow of revenue.

Now while established corporates or those with huge cash-flow can afford both mobile websites and apps, most businesses can’t go for both and they have to select between the two.

The determining factors for choosing between the app and the website can range from anything like their cost and usability to the required features and the audiences served.

Now research has revealed that users prefer the mobile apps much more than the mobile websites any day.

Here are some of the reasons that will tell you why mobile apps are better than the websites. Take a look.
  • Enhanced Interactions and Engagement - The mobile apps allow users to own an interface that allows them to become more immersed in the experience. There are a variety of reasons for this, the primary one being apps are purpose-focused or are easy-to-use versions of the full websites which make the functioning simpler.

Apps also present more interactive methods for users to engage with the contents of the businesses.

What's more, mobile apps assist in the process of habit building. The accessibility and ease-of-use of mobile apps decreases the time required to convert a method into a habit for customers. This turns out to be greatly beneficial for brands eventually.
  • Better Customization - Mobile apps are the best solution for providing regular usage. The application permits users to create accounts, set preferences, and keep important facts accessible.

Thus from the point of view of the businesses, the mobile app is a much more efficient option to target an audience and build a solid marketing campaign around it. 

  • Access to Native Features - The mobile apps offer added features and usages that are not available on the websites. The most significant amongst them is the compatibility with features and hardware of the devices. 
The mobile apps can benefit from the features like -
  1. Tap to Email/Call
  2. Push Notifications
  3. Image Uploader or Camera
  4. Devise Alerts/Vibrations
Automatic and Instant Updates The mobile sites are very limited in facilitating the accessibility of the new features of mobile devices. Though they can contain some info the integration with the mobiles won’t be as efficient as apps.
  • Online or Offline Execution - Mobile apps also enable your customers or users to use them offline. The apps being installed on mobiles will keep on offering features and contents even without any internet connection.
The apps store data in a local manner and they can be uploaded once the connection is made.
  • Reduced Cost and Improved Productivity - The biggest benefit of mobile apps is that it can facilitate seamless and fast communication amongst employees, training and contact with resources.
The apps running continuously on the policies are said to lead to an enhancement in efficiency upto 40% which churns out extra time to produce more profits and revenues for businesses.

These apps are also hugely effective in creating reports and charts and handling and managing compound data.

As opposed to that, the mobile sites are tougher to optimise and much slower to load especially when they have to bring forth multiple data which can make the workflows slower and stop efficacy.
  • Speedier Performance - An app that is well-designed can perform the tasks much faster than mobile devices. The apps store the data locally on mobiles and that is why the data are never extinct. They assist in storing the choices and utilizing them on the users’ behalf which in turn saves time and effort.
The mobile sites use code of Javascript and that is a major reason why the apps are almost 5 times faster than their counterparts.
  • Brand Presence Establishment - Users are seen to spend almost 86% of the time on mobile apps as compared with just 14% on sites.
So this goes without saying that users visit the apps installed on devices almost every day. This can be viewed as the branding opportunity for the brands.

In fact, even when not being used, the apps still remind the users of the brand. So the presence of the apps on mobile phones influence the perception of users about a business subconsciously.

The Single Detection Theory is significant in this case which brings forth the fact that users tend to process even the ads that they have ignored earlier.

Now that you have so many reasons to choose mobile apps over websites, you should just appoint the Android Application Development Company professionals who have the expertise, experience and resources to present an excellently designed app which can truly deliver what is promised and thus ensure the best value for your money.

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