How Can One Bad Photo Destroy Your Real Estate Business?

Crafting enticing images is essential in appealing to potential homebuyers. Customers want to purchase homes that provide more pictures of the house than those with fewer photos, for instance. On top of that, well-taken photos can help you generate more leads, sell more consistently, command higher prices, and attract new clients. This is why photography plays a crucial role in real estate success.

The Impact of Bad Photos in Real Estate

But the impact of poor property marketing and promotion can be just as powerful.  After all, the quality of your photos can make or break the first impression for buyers. And no matter how great the actual property is—a lousy listing photo is enough to put off even the most interested customers.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 87 percent of potential home buyers rely on photos to reach a final decision on whether or not they will push through with a home purchase. With that said, bad photos can seriously derail you from selling your property because:

  1. You won’t attract a lot of buyers.
  2. You won’t be able to ask for a higher price.
  3. You run the risk of damaging your reputation online.

A 2014 report by VHT Studios reveals that real estate listings with professionally taken photos sell 32 percent faster than their counterparts taken with subpar shots. A 2013 report by Redfin also discovered that homes that were shot using DSLR cameras were sold at a higher price. If this teaches you anything, it’s that you should use high-quality images for your listings. Using the right photography equipment can go a long way in appealing to potential homebuyers. So why not set aside the budget for a professional photographer or top-quality camera gear?

Make good real estate photography your priority. People usually look at the collection of photos of the homes they purchase, so make sure you impress them right from the get-go. You’ll also improve your reputation and present yourself as a trustworthy seller.

How to Take Great Real Estate Photos

Remove Excess Clutter

Before setting up your camera, the first thing to do is to perform a walkthrough of each room. This lets you see the highlights of the house and where you can set up your camera to get the best angles. You can also check if the property is clean and organized. Dirty towels, dusty bookshelves, and laundry baskets can make your property look disorganized, for instance. So strip your property down to the bare minimum, and remove any excess clutter before the shoot.

Use Lighting to Showcase Your Property

Once you’ve found the right position for your camera, make sure that you get the proper lighting and framing for the shot. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer and ask, “Can I see all the features and amenities I needt?” Showcase your property’s best features and amenities so buyers can more easily visualize what it would be like if they choose to live there.

Buyers want to imagine themselves in a vibrant, well-lit room they feel comfortable in. When finding the right spot to take pictures, try shooting from different angles and positions that combine the use of artificial and natural lighting. Consider opening the windows or adjusting the curtains. Move pieces of furniture and objects around to create balance.

Use the Right Camera Equipment

Taking great photos takes skill, but using the right lens helps make an image look better. Wide-angle lenses, for instance, allow you to capture large spaces with more details. This means you can make spaces feel more spacious, even though they’re a bit tight in reality. By using a wide-angle lens, you can show the entire property and make any space look ample and welcoming.

On top of using the right lens, make sure you have your tripod with you so your camera is stable when taking shots. Using a tripod can help you keep your images as clear as possible so you can avoid taking blurry photos.

Shoot Now, Edit Later

Having the proper equipment is only one part of the equation. The right image editing skills lets you enhance the shots you’ve just taken. Master the art of editing and boost the aesthetic appeal of your photos using Photoshop, Lightroom, or other software. You can also give your images an impressive touch by performing color correction, adjusting clarity, straightening lines, evening out the light, playing with hue and saturation, and more.

Photography Skills Still Beat the Latest Gadgets

Several tools and techniques are available for real estate marketing. Some agents even use augmented reality and virtual reality to sell properties. And while this type of technology can help you sell better, you don’t have to keep up with the latest gadgets to increase sales. Knowing how to take great photos is already enough for your marketing strategy.

It also pays to remind yourself that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Good photography takes time. Once you get the hang of positioning your camera, manipulating the lighting, and using the right resources, your listings are bound to attract the attention of future homeowners.

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