The Top 5 Mobile Apps That Can Make You Money

Apps that make you money

Thanks to just how far technology has gotten, there are now many ways to save money - and make money - just by using apps. While some of them might require some extra activity, most of them are convenient enough to give you that extra money based on your day-to-day activities.

There are different categories for money-making apps that you can choose from, depending on your needs and habits. While they can all be profitable, you'd need to make a smart choice in order to know which will give you the most profit.  Some of the different kinds of cash-earning apps are:

Car Insurance Reward Apps

Insurance brands have provided a way to help you make money based on your driving habits and driving skills especially for the commercial drivers that have passed the CDL exam such as the hazmat test there are many modalities of rewards a driver can get, all in an effort to promote safe driving. In order to get the reward, all you would need to do is download your insurer's app, and apply for the discounts. Once you do, the company will send you a device to install, like the SmartRide device, for instance. This device will track your driving habits and measure any driving trends. Your discount will be calculated based on this, and once you send in your device, your discount can be used for your next policy. Simple, right?

Shopping Apps

Imagine if, somehow, spending made you actually get more money back. Now, there are currently many different apps that can make that possible. And that goes with any type of purchase, from groceries to luxury items. You'd have to look into your purchase habits in order to figure out which would match your shopping lifestyle and choices. Some apps, like ibotta, allow you to get cashback from purchases made. Others, like Ebates, not only give you the cashback from eligible retailers, but they give you access to in-store coupons and many other perks! And finally, there are the "mystery shopper" category apps, where you earn money from completing simple tasks like taking a photo of a store display and sending it in.

Fitness Apps

This could surely help anyone stick to their fitness goals: apps that will reward you for activities done
towards health improvement. By pairing the app to the functionalities on your phone, it can track any activity you might have completed with that end. But beware: some apps can literally charge you if you do not fulfill the goals you made for yourself. Apps like Pact will ask you to enter your healthy "pact", such as to exercise more or eat healthy. You will have around a week to finish those tasks, and you will be paid for every task you completed. But if you don't, whatever you failed to do will have a price to pay - literally.

Survey Apps

That's right: some companies will actually pay you for taking their surveys as often as possible. This is especially great news for people who just love voting polls and checking what's new out there. And the best part is that these surveys do not always have to be about products, either. Some will pay you per survey and the money can go straight to a PayPal account, while others might allow you to earn gift cards, store credit at websites like Target, or even airline miles. It all depends on the apps you choose! Some can even pay up to 10 dollars per survey if you are lucky to come across them.

Investing Apps

While it might sound complex, investing apps have also been designed to help earn money by investing in the right way. One of the most popular choices for being user-friendly is Acorns. It works by rounding off all the purchases that you made and taking those extra cents you paid to round off the total amount and invest them. And it is done little by little, so it's not too bad on your pocket, either! There have been other apps with the same logic, that will also let you pick where you would like to invest that extra money.

Selling Apps

Yes, logically, you will get money from selling items you no longer want. However, some apps have made it easier to sell your used or older items, like books or clothes. Plus, there are some that won't even charge you to ship out the purchases to the buyer, saving you some money. There are even apps like thredUP that will evaluate the items you send in that you don't want anymore and give you store credit for any eligible/acceptable items according to their value.

There are more ways to get money through apps than your run-of-the-mill Uber, and you can earn from the comfort of your own home. All great ways to make that extra cash at the end of the month, and get savings that will make a difference!

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