Essential Mobile Apps that Every Businessman Must Have

Essential Mobile Apps that Every Businessman Must Have

As a businessman, you would wear a lot of hats and handle a lot of tasks at once. Luckily, there are mobile apps that can make your job a little easier. Several apps help you manage time and finances, apply for a personal loan, organize or do accounting work. This article focuses on some of the best business apps that every businessman must have on their phones.

Finance and Accounting


One of the best business accounting apps, Mint offers a variety of easy-to-use financial planning and tracking tools. You can put your credit card information to analyze your spending and see where you are spending. You can also set up alerts for things like low balance or due dates.


It makes the company’s payroll, benefits and taxes process quite efficient. This app also handles new-hire reporting, automates deductions for benefits, and local, state and federal tax filings.


MoneyTap is a credit line app that offers instant personal loans and credit card. You can download this app on your smartphone and do the documentation and verification via the app. After your eligibility check is done, you can apply for an instant personal loan for business.


This money management app allows you to manage and track your invoices. You can create personalized, professional-looking invoices, automatically send recurring invoices and accept credit cards on a mobile device.

Money Transferring

Paypal Here

It allows businesses to attach PayPal’s card reader to a tablet or other device and use it as a portable register. This app is great for businesses that need to get paid on the go.

Google Pay

It is a digital wallet platform and an online payment system that allows you to send money with just a tap. You can pay to other businesses, vendors or clients easily through Google Pay.

Square Point of Sale

This app uses a credit card reader and your phone or tablet to process payments. It includes features like inventory management, customer directories, and sales reports to help retailers manage their business.

Time Management


This app helps in controlling your habits and prevent wasting time on unwanted distractions by automatically tracking the time you spend on social media and eCommerce sites. You can see data on your online activities and determine your productivity goals.


Harvest helps you schedule your projects and track the time on completion. Some of its features are invoicing and payments, expense tracking and integration with multiple apps.


It’s a to-do list app where you can add tasks, label them and assign a due date. You can also filter the tasks assigned to you. You can view the tasks by day or the next seven days.



This app helps you keep your notes organized. You can share and store your personal and business to-do lists, notes and reminders across mobile and desktop devices.


With Asana, you can view all tasks and projects, and follow their progress on the Asana board. You can share notes, communicate or upload files on the app.


Boxmeup organizes and tracks your packages, containers and other bulk storage items. You can print the QR labels and scan them your phone to access a list of items in each container.

Download these apps and make your workdays a little easier and lot more productive.

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