Telegram app updated with location-based chats, adding contacts without phone numbers and more

Telegram app updated with location-based chats, adding contacts without phone numbers and more

Telegram is a messaging app that offers end-to-end encryption and has no limits on the number of people you can chat with or broadcast to at one time. Today, the company announced some of the new changes coming to version 5.8 of the app.

One of the new features customers will notice is a button on the top of the screen that says "Add to Contacts." This feature will allow you to quickly add to your Telegram contacts list a person who has sent you a message on the platform even without knowing their phone number.

Another new feature will let you block someone who has sent you a message. If you're at a party and want to add someone who you've just met to your contacts list. Going to Contacts > Add People Nearby will allow you to exchange information with another Telegram user as long as they are standing right next to you (and have the same feature open on their phone).

The People Nearby section allows you to find location-based group chats and even create one. As Telegram notes, "This update opens up a new world of location-based group chats for anything from conferences, to festivals, to stadiums, to campuses, to chatting with people hanging out in the same cafe." The latest version of the app lets you transfer ownership of a group or channel to another Telegram user and toggle on or off message previews for specific chats using the Notable Exceptions feature.

Telegram for iOS users can now open the Appearance page to see what a new theme will look like before they apply them. After installing version 5.8, iOS users can choose which icon they want on the home page from four different options. And Telegram users with the iPhone or iPad can arrange to open chats hands-free using Siri shortcuts.

You can download Telegram for iOS or Telegram for Android through the respective app stores on your mobile device. If you already have the app installed, look out for the version 5.8 update through the update section of your store.

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