How Mobile Phones are Changing Women’s Lives

Mobile phones have drastically changed the world we live in. For some women, owning a mobile phone is particularly life-changing. Smartphones can be a lifeline, connecting women to the world in new and exciting ways. They can assist with small businesses and help create connections through social networks. Smartphones are used to stay up-to-date with current affairs, manage finances, and shop. Whether for business or leisure, professional or personal purposes, smartphones are a vital part of daily life for many women.
The Vice President at PopSugar Insights, Rob McLoughlin, stated, “Our research shows the incredible degree to which smartphones are a millennial woman’s constant companion, a gateway to constantly connecting with her passion points and increasingly becoming her mobile wallet.”
However, with the benefits, there are some negative aspects. Regardless of gender, the misuse of mobile phones can become a bad habit, even spiraling into an addiction.  Over 36% of women polled in a recent survey check their phones at least once every 5 minutes. Nearly half of women aged between 18 and 34 admitted that they check their phones first thing in the morning. However, with proper self-regulation, a smartphone becomes a valuable tool.

Four Main Areas of Women’s Lives Most Impacted by Mobile Phones

Daily routines: Many women turn to their phones first thing in the morning, and frequently throughout the day. However, it’s not all wasted time – a significant percentage of mobile phone use is related to productivity, and there are innumerable ways that mobile phones can help women get more out of their day. From to-do lists to AI-powered phone assistants, there are many apps that can help women stay on top of their game. In addition, mobile phones also open up a wider range of career prospects, boosting the ability to connect and network with people who could help support job-related opportunities.

Shopping and transactions: Online shopping is an ever-increasing trend, mostly because many women now prefer to shop online. From groceries to medications and clothing, most everyday items are easily accessible from any location for someone with a smartphone. Online shopping gives women a wider variety of products to choose from, which is one of the most important factors that motivate buyers. The convenience of researching, comparing, purchasing and having items shipped directly to an address are also powerful motivating factors.
On the other side of the transaction, mobile technology has also helped empower women financially by boosting their trade and helping them receive payments for their goods and services from customers around the world. Mobile phones are particularly powerful tools for supporting small businesses.

Social relationships: Mobile phones are an integral part of keeping the modern world connected, which creates social circles that are not limited by time and location. Having access to social media and instant contact with friends can help to strengthen relationships. With that being said, there is some concern about how screen addiction can affect interpersonal relationships, and how the constant preview into other peoples’ lives can cause personal dissatisfaction.

Online dating and dating apps are also changing the way women look for love. According to recent polls, the number of married women who met their spouse online is on the rise. On the whole, mobile phones have significantly changed the way women keep in touch.

Hobbies: There are countless apps that help women kill time and indulge in hobbies. Mobile phones offer women exciting resources and avenues to engage in new activities, such as learning a new language or instrument, watching shows or playing games. There are also many music apps, digital magazines and newsletters focusing on various passions. Women have more opportunity to pick up new interests easily in their own time by taking advantage of apps and webpages that are designed to help them kick-start a new hobby.

Getting Mobile

Mobile phones are an integral part of modern life, regardless of gender. However, women around the world are even more likely to benefit from the increased connection and freedom that a smartphone can give them. From promoting businesses, creating networks, providing opportunities to learn and linking up with loved ones – mobile phones can change lives.

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