Apple iOS 13 officially announced

Apple iOS 13 officially announced

Today Apple announced the newest version of its mobile operating system iOS 13 during its annual developer conference WWDC. This new version of iOS will be available to developers starting today, with beta versions being seeded out to the public in July and its final form to be available publicly this fall.

Once again Apple has primarily focussed on performance with the new release of iOS, promising an even better experience for customers than iOS 12. While nothing much has changed visually in iOS 13, Apple has implemented the long requested Dark Mode across the entire platform.

Performance Improvements

Even though Apple primarily focussed on performance with iOS 12, the company hopes to take it a step further with its release of iOS 13. For starters, Apple promises app downloads with iOS 13 are going to be 50% smaller, while app updates will be even more compact, at 60% smaller. This should significantly speed up the process of downloading and updating apps.

The overall app load time will be reduced by up to 2 times.

Under iOS 13, Apple also promises than FaceID will work 30% faster.

Dark Mode

Apple has taken its time to release a system-wide Dark Mode to its customers, but have made sure they've done it just right. The Dark Mode comes designed from the ground up, making it perfect for low-light environments, easier on your eyes and ensuring it won’t disturb people around you.

Users will be able to quickly switch Dark Mode on and off using a new dedicated button found on the Control Center when they enter a dark room or a theater. Users will even be able to schedule Dark Mode to turn on at a certain time or based on sunrise and sunset.

Apple will even include new wallpapers optimized for Dark Mode automatically change as you switch between light and dark.


The Photos app is receiving an update with iOS 13 with an all-new Photos tab, that lets you browse your photo library with different levels of curation. This makes finding, reliving and sharing your memories easier than ever before. You can view everything in All Photos, focus on your unique photos in Days, relive your significant moments in Months, or rediscover your highlights in Years.

Apple has set muted Live Photos and videos to begin playing as you scroll through your library, bringing your photos to life.

In Days, Months, and Years, photo previews are larger to help you distinguish between shots. Photos use intelligence to find the best part of your photo in photo previews, which means you get to see the uncropped version of your photo when you tap to view it.

Animations and transitions keep your place in the Photos tab, so you can switch between views — like Days and All Photos — without losing your place.

Duplicate photos, screenshots, whiteboard photos, documents, and receipts are identified and hidden, so you see only your best shots. Months presents your photos by Significant Events, so you can rediscover the moments that matter most.

The Photos tab displays the name of the location, holiday, or concert performer to provide helpful context for your significant events. Years is contextual, so it shows you photos taken on or around today’s date in past years.

If you have birthdays assigned to people in your People album, the Photos tab will highlight your photos of them on their birthday.


The camera app has been updated with iOS 13 allowing users to manually adjust Portrait Lighting intensity. Virtually adjust the position and intensity of your studio lighting. Increase the intensity of each Portrait Lighting effect — moving the light closer to your subject — to smooth skin, sharpen eyes, and brighten facial features. Or decrease the intensity of the light — moving it away from your subject — for a subtle, refined look.

A new Portrait Lighting effect, High-Key Mono, creates a beautiful, classic look with a monochromatic subject on a white background.


The Maps app has been rebuilt from ground up for iOS 13. The brand-new map features significantly improved and more realistic details for roads, beaches, parks, buildings, and more.

Users will be able to explore where you’re going before you get there with an immersive 3D experience that gives you a 360-degree view of a place. And enjoy smooth and seamless transitions as you navigate your way around.

Create collections of your favorite and future favorite locations, which you can share with your family and friends. Curate the places you visit most often whether it is your home, work, the gym, or your kid’s school into lists for quick access.

Maps will offer transit schedules, arrival times, network stops, and system connections for better route planning. It even includes important real-time information like outages and cancellations.

Maps on iOS 13 will include Up-to-the-moment information about your flight terminals, gate locations, departure times, and more is now available.


Apple's virtual assistant Siri has been improved with neural TTS, which lets Siri sound more natural than before. Siri offers personalized suggestions in Apple Podcasts, Safari, and Maps. Siri can even detect reminders in messages and events in third-party apps.

Siri Shortcuts have also been improved, with the app now baked right into the OS. Users will be offered suggested automations that allow them to get started with personalized daily routines to help streamline your day.


Users can automatically share your name and photo when you start a conversation or when the other person responds in a message. Decide whether you share with everyone, just your contacts, or not at all. You can even choose to use an Animoji, image, or monogram for your photo.

The details pane organizes links, locations, and attachments that have been shared in the conversation so they’re easy to find at a glance.

Memoji's have also been improved to offer enhanced customization. Makeup lets you customize blush and eyeshadow and includes editing tools that make it easy to get just the right look. Customize your teeth with braces and add a piercing to your nose, eyebrows, eyelids, and around your mouth. There are also 30 new hairstyles, over 15 new pieces of headwear, and more earrings and glasses.

Three new Animoji characters — mouse, octopus, and cow — give you more options to express yourself. Smiley lets you capture just the right expression and share it with your friends and family.

Users will be able to automatically generate sticker packs based on your Memoji and Animoji characters that allow you to express a range of emotions in Messages.


The QuickType keyboard now includes QuickPath, so you can swipe your finger from one letter to the next to type without removing your finger from the keyboard to enter a word.

You can swipe or tap to type interchangeably, so you can choose what’s most convenient even if you’re mid‑sentence.


The Reminders app has been redesigned with more powerful and intelligent ways to create, organize, and keep track of your reminders.

With the new quick toolbar just above the keyboard, it’s easier than ever to add times, dates, locations, flags, or even helpful attachments to reminders. All without having to go to another screen.

You can use Siri to type longer, more descriptive sentences. Reminders will automatically understand and provide relevant suggestions. When you’re chatting with someone in Messages, Siri recognizes possible reminders and makes suggestions for you to create them. Tag someone in a reminder and the next time you’re chatting with that person in Messages, a reminder will surface right then and there.


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