Why Are Apple Accessories So Desirable?

Why Are Apple Accessories So Desirable?

While Apple is often referred to as the “iPhone creator” or the “MacBook manufacturer,” the technology giant is so much more than its core hardware devices. The company is also being seen as a brilliant creator of accessories.

Apple accessories - ranging from the Apple AirPods to the Apple Pencil - are just as desirable as its mainline products. In early 2018, it was reported that the company’s revenue from the sale of accessories has more than doubled since 2015. As sales of the iPhone slow down, sales of accessories are going to become more important to the company’s bottom line. The success that Apple has had in the space could provide some insight into how it can grow in the future.

Apple Accessories Are Reliable

One of the biggest reasons why Apple accessories are seen as so desirable is because of their reliability. For many accessory owners, there simply is no other alternative. The quality of the Apple accessory is unmatched and unrivaled.

This is especially the case of iPhone chargers. There are millions of iPhones with Lightning Cables all over the world, but no unofficial brand will do. If you need a replacement and you want your phone to charge quickly, then you have to buy a genuine Apple charger. That white/grey color looks nice next to your Space Gray iPhone X and you know that the charger will last you for a long time. As an official and real iPhone charger (whether that be the Lightning Cable or the 5W power adapter) comes with a warranty, wherever you’ve bought it from, you know that the quality is backed up and you can get a replacement on the rare occasion that something goes wrong.

Apple Accessories Are Innovative

Another thing that Apple’s competitors haven’t mastered yet is innovation. While plenty of Apple designs have been laughed at (such as the decision to drop the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone), the company is known for its ability to think of things that others haven’t.

Look at the Apple Pencil. When the Apple Pencil made its debut in 2015, it was seen as a brilliant tool for artists and creators who needed greater precision when doing work on their iPads. The features of the Apple Pencil (released in 2018) built on that, offering greater innovation and useful features that really come in handy for creators. You can charge the Apple Pencil from your iPad, instantly tap into a screenshot to start doodling on the image and use it to scan and sign documents from within the Notes app. These are features that you just can’t find it cheaper, third-party tablet stylus’, meaning that Apple fans only have one choice if they want to get the innovation.

Apple Accessories Look Good

There’s also the fact that Apple accessories look good. Apple products have always been praised for their designs. The iPhone and the MacBook look like modern, professional devices, with their clean finishes and rounded edges. They are lightweight and slim too.

This design vision extends to Apple’s accessories. This design is also why the AirPods are a status symbol. They look good, fit comfortably into the ear and this, as well as the cost of the AirPods (they don’t come cheap), means that they have become a symbol of wealth. In order to afford a pair of AirPods, you need to have a reasonable amount of money to spend. They are as much of a fashion accessory as they are a practical way to take calls and listen to music. Although the accessory was initially criticized for how easy it could be to lose them, the way that they look soon overtook.

Does Apple Face Competition?

We aren’t the only ones who have sat and analyzed why Apple’s accessory business is doing so well. Many other mobile manufacturers have seen the huge revenue from the accessory and the potential to upsell gadget buyers and so they have followed suit and now Apple has a huge amount of competition.

Most of the competition looks like third-party retailers making cheaper alternatives with fewer features. Others though have tried to one-up Apple and make something better. That’s what makes the Samsung Galaxy Buds a competitor to Apple. The wireless earphones offer a battery life of up to six hours, in comparison to the AirPods’ estimated five hours of battery. They’re also lightweight and seem to fit in your ear better. However, the audio quality isn’t quite there, meaning that Samsung will have to work harder to beat its closest rival.

Apple has been looking at many more ways to boost its bottom line in the face of slowing device sales. It no longer reports the sales figures of the iPhone and the MacBook as it makes more money from subscriptions to its services and sales of accessories. So expect Apple to make plenty more desirable accessories in the future.

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