Microsoft Band apps and services will be discontinued on May 31

Microsoft announced today that they will be discontinuing the Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health Dashboard apps and services after May 31. While the Microsoft Band itself was officially discontinued more than two years ago, the company allowed customers who still used the wearable to continue tracking their usage.

After May 31, the Microsoft Band apps will be removed from the Microsoft Store, Google Play and Apple App Store, and the backend services will also be shut down.

Customers who still use their Microsoft Bands will be able to export their data before the end of May, and services will stop working in June. Band users will still be able to record daily steps, heart rate, and workouts alongside activity data, sleep tracking, and alarm functionality. However, if the user resets a device then it will be “impossible to set up the device again.”

According to Microsoft, certain Band users will be eligible for a refund. Customers who have been actively using their wearables, and synced data to their Health Dashboard between December 1, 2018 and March 1, 2019. These refunds will be offered by Microsoft automatically.

  • Band 1 - $79.99
  • Band 2 - $175

Those who's bands are under warranty will also be eligible for the same refunds. All refunds must be claimed by August 2019.

source - The Verge

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