Chromium based Microsoft Edge leaks online

Chromium based Microsoft Edge leaks online

Microsoft is working on a new version of its Edge browser built on Google's Chromium foundation. Websites like The Verge got an early look at the upcoming browser recently and were able to highlight some of its upcoming features. Now it appears that the early release version of the web browser has leaked online.

An unofficial leaked version of the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge has popped up on multiple file sharing websites and popular beta sharing forums. The leaked version appears to be an early copy of what Microsoft is expected to release in public preview soon.

Keep in mind that as an early release, this version of Edge is still a work in progress, but includes features like include Chrome extension support, syncing of favorites, and some custom tweaks to the user interface. Popular features on the existing Microsoft Edge like set aside tabs and inking have yet to be implemented.

It's currently available for Windows and appears to work without any issues on Windows 10. A macOS version is also expected, but it is not known if Microsoft is planning an early release for macOS users.

You can find details on how to download this pre-release version of Microsoft Edge on our forum. However, we do recommend that you wait for an official release from Microsoft, which should be days away.

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