Samsung Galaxy S10+ receives first software update with Bixby key remapping among other improvements

Samsung Galaxy S10+ receives first software update with Bixby key remapping among other improvements

The recently announced Samsung Galaxy S10+ is already receiving its first update, according to a report from SamMobile. The update will bring a few new features and improvements, most notably the ability to remap the dedicated Bixby button.

Ever since Samsung released the Bixby button, people have asked for the ability to use it for something else. Samsung until now has refused to allow this, as it would negate the very purpose of its existence. Fortunately, Samsung promised to change this when they unveiled the new Galaxy S10 Series. However, given that the software wasn't included in the final release of the Galaxy S10, we have to assume this was a last minute decision on Samsung's part.

Bixby remapping update arrives on Galaxy S10+
It is somewhat likely that Samsung has already pre-installed this patch on handsets that have just been pre-ordered, and headed to customers on March 8. Currently, the small selection of influencers, investors and media outlets, who were invited to use the handset ahead of its launch will be able to download and install the update on their handsets.

The update should be pushed OTA (over-the-air) as usual, and you should receive a notification on your device eventually. You could try manually checking for the update on your Galaxy S10+ under Settings.  The new patch comes is said to be around 500MB in size.
    Once the update has been installed, users will be able to customize either the single press or the double press of the Bixby button. Samsung has said that the Bixby button customization will reach older Galaxy devices as well, but there isn't a timeline for its availability.

    Besides the above-mentioned improvements, the update also reportedly enables Instagram mode, an exclusive feature which lets you capture and upload content to Instagram Stories directly from your native Camera app.

    The changelog for the update also highlights the following improvements:
    • The stability of the Camera has been improved
    • The performance of Fingerprint recognition has been improved
    Currently, users in the Netherlands, France, and the UK are reporting to have received this update. Leave us a comment below if you have to

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