Netflix announces increased plan prices

Netflix announces increased plan prices

Netflix has announced an increase in the cost of its various plans. The new prices are in effect immediately to new customers, while existing subscribers will be moved to the new pricing model over the next three months.

The new prices for a Netflix subscription in 2019:
  • Basic Plan — This price increase will have customers paying $9 per month instead of the previous price of $8 per month.
  • HD Plan — The Netflix price increase 2019 for this plan has it going up to $13 a month from the previous price of $11 a month.
  • 4K Plan — The new price for this plan has customers paying $16 per month, rather than the previous price of $14 per month.
Currently, Netflix has a total of 58 million subscribers in the U.S. and 137 million around the world. The company has recently seen an increase in subscribers as it adds more new original shows and movies to its services.

This increase marks the fourth time the company has updated its prices since launch. It is also the largest increase the company has announced. It is not known how this price increase will affect the subscriber count, especially with the increase in streaming service competitors and the imminent launch of the Disney+ streaming service.

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