Microsoft Edge combats fake news with NewsGuard feature

Microsoft Edge combats fake news with NewsGuard feature

As consumers, we are bombarded with information, and it's important that we educate ourselves to filter out ingenuine sources and identify authentic ones. Microsoft aims to help us achieve this with their updated version of their Microsoft Edge web browser, as they are committed to putting an end to fake news.

Microsoft Edge is a truly cross-platform browsing experience, with apps offered on Android, iOS and Windows 10. Microsoft is planning to expand their reach further by building Edge on the Chromium platform and bringing their browser to macOS as well.

Microsoft has recently updated Edge with a feature called NewsGuard, which is meant to identify fake news and prevent them from spreading among consumers.

Microsoft has tested the NewsGuard feature on Edge for iOS preview in December, and have just rolled out Edge for Android beta with the feature enabled. If you have signed up for the beta version of Edge you can enable NewsGuard by going to Settings > News rating and toggle the ‘Display rating on address bar’ option.

While you wait for the update to roll out, you can download the latest version of Microsoft Edge using the links below.

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