T-Mobile releases 'The Carriers Who (Almost) Stole Wireless' video ad

T-Mobile has released an animated cartoon based on 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' and titled 'The Carriers Who (Almost) Stole Wireless'. The video is narrated by CEO John Legere himself and features AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast (the owner of Xfinity Mobile).

Interesting T-Mobile has chosen not to take a swing at its proposed merger partner Sprint, who has been a victim of the un-carrier in the past. 

The story takes place in Wirelessville, where three carriers are adding fees and restrictions to the monthly bills they send to their subscribers. Anyone calling in asking for help is caught in an endless loop and buried by red tape. Fortunately, T-Mobile comes to the rescue as a Magenta 'T' signal shines brightly in the sky and T-Mobile comes to the customers' rescue on a sleigh putting an end to the villainous carriers.

Back in 2015, we saw John Legere lead a choir that performed revised versions of holiday favorites. Then in 2016, the CEO starred in a T-Mobile remake of A Christmas Carol. Last year we saw Mr. Legere's claymation counterpart call him competition the "abominable carriers" in another holiday-themed video.

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