Marvel Strike Force updated (2.2) for iOS and Android with SpiderVerse theme

Marvel Strike Force updated (2.2) for iOS and Android with SpiderVerse theme

FoxNext is rolling out version 2.2 of Marvel Strike Force, inspired by the SpiderVerse. The update will be introducing two new characters, new event campaigns, new raids, and various bug fixes and improvements.

Marvel Strike Force is a free-to-play turn-based role-playing mobile game for the iOS and Android platforms, based on your favorite Marvel characters. The plot deals with players taking the role of commander and assembling a team of heroes and villains to battle the threat of sinister forces led by Ultimus.

You can download the Marvel Strike Force for iOS through the Apple App Store and Marvel Strike Force for Android through the Google Play Store

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Marvel Strike Force version 2.2 change-log

New in this release:
  • Enhance your roster with 2 upcoming playable characters: Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Green Goblin
  • Assemble your top Tech team for the new Spider-Man Event Campaign and Raid
  • Get wild in Sabretooth's new Villains-only Event Campaign
  • Gather your best Blasters and Support characters for the Pyro Event Campaign
  • New Gamma Raid featuring Juggernaut
  • Asset bundle download size now disclosed on load screens

Bug fixes:
  • Timer no longer vanishes while accessing the Chat in Raid Squad Select
  • Characters no longer counterattack after getting hit by an attack that clears the counterattack proc.
  • Fixed: Heroes with 0 Health remaining had a sliver of Red in their Health Bar in the Team Heal Menu.
  • Now when a player hits "Home" or "Back" when entering any Orb Chamber, an inactive Orb Chamber screen will no longer cover the home menu.
  • Special and Ultimate abilities now correctly appear with the max level while in the Roster view.
  • Cable's Ultimate ability is no longer missing its explosion sound.
  • Fixed the camera placement in Mystic 1-8 so the player can now see the portal during each phase completion
  • Mystic Campaign 2-9 will now automatically complete after defeating Red Skull
  • Did Venom's web line look weird while using his Special in combat? We fixed that.
  • Damage contribution from other players can now be seen without having to go in and out of the Raid map.
  • Red badge no longer incorrectly shows on the Relic Hunt event card after the event ends
  • The Continue/Join button now correctly highlights when you first enter the New Raid section.
  • Praise Odin! Thor's Ultimate area of attack now triggers the Defenders' Counter
  • Assist and Counterattacks now pull from the correct ability level
  • Fixed multiple view issues when a player presses the "Find" button before reaching the Level Up screen.
  • Promote Pop-Up no longer incorrectly shows if a duplicate is pulled from a Red Star Orb.

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