Marvel Contest of Champions updated (21.1) for iOS and Android

Marvel Contest of Champions updated (21.1) for iOS and Android

Kabam has released version 21.1 of Marvel Contest of Champions for iOS and Android bringing a new monthly quest, new characters, features, improvements and bug fixes. You can learn more about the update and download the latest version below.

This release marks the fourth anniversary of Marvel Contest of Champions. Celebrations will include A special Event Calendar, Crystals, and more. Halls of Healing and Halls of Fortune are set to make a return, and New Titles will be granted to Summoners according to how long they’ve been battling in The Contest.

New Characters

Night Thrasher

Night Thrasher (Dwayne Michael Taylor) is the founder and leader of the New Warriors, and head of the Taylor Foundation. Although he possesses no superhuman powers, he has trained himself extensively in many martial arts and is adept at building technological devices.

Night Thrasher

Dark Hawk

Darkhawk (Christopher Powell) was born in Queens, New York. While witnessing his policeman father accept a bribe from a crime boss at an abandoned amusement park, teenager Chris Powell discovered a mysterious amulet. This amulet allowed him to switch places with a powerful android that his mind controlled. Powell vowed to use the amulet as "an edge against crime." In this role, he worked with other superheroes and battled a number of costumed villains.

New Monthly Quest - Night Riders Quest

This month's quest introduces Night Thrasher and DarkHawk to the contest as they team up to uncover the truth in a hidden Cabal facility as the Avengers defend an attack against the Cabal on their headquarters.

New Daily Quest: Chilled Challenges

This quest will have you collecting Night Thrasher Gadgets and exploring daily challenges for rewards. We will update this post when information is made available by the developer.

Alliance Quest Map 6 Update

Map 6 will feature two new mini-bosses, Mephisto and Yondu.On top of the updated encounters, enemy power will now scale infinitely to match your Alliance’s own strength. Stronger enemies mean more Points, which means new Milestones to earn, and an updated Map 6 Crystal

  • ÆGON: Now correctly only has one arm in Menus and Quest Dialogue
  • JUGGERNAUT: Fixed an issue where Juggernaut can no longer have 2+ Unstoppable Buffs active.
  • MASACRE: Fixed issue where Disoriented Ability was showing up with wrong text.
  • MEDUSA: Added a slight slide to Heavy Attack when performed against Opponent’s wall.
  • MEPHISTO: Fixed an issue where Mephisto could survive a killing blow once per fight if Ability Accuracy stopped his Regeneration from triggering
  • OMEGA RED: Added text to Info Page to specify that Death Spores and Death Field damage is scaled off Base Attack.
  • Fixed an issue where Boosts that increased a Classes’ Special Attack Damage by 5%/8%/12% were not working.

You can download the latest version of Marvel Contest of Champions directly on your Apple device through the Apple App Store, and on your Android device through the Google Play Store

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