Amazon Go could be coming to larger supermarkets like Whole Foods

Amazon Go is the company's cashier-less shopping tech, which lets shoppers scan in with their mobile devices, then pick their product and walk out. Currently, the tech is offered in seven Amazon Go stores in Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco, but it could be coming to larger supermarkets soon.

Currently, Amazon Go stores are more convenience stores than supermarkets, with limited groceries and prepared foods. The technology uses a mix of computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning to register what you're buying, then charges your Amazon account when you leave.

However, a recent report from WSJ suggests that Amazon is testing its technology at a space in Seattle, which has been arranged like a large store. Higher ceilings and shelves, and a bigger product range would mean more work for Amazon. There's also the issue of how the technology would work with items like fruit and vegetables, which unless pre-packed, need to be weighed to determine the price.

If the company can get the technology working for a supermarket type store, we could see it implemented in Whole Foods, which has an average of 34,000 items in its stores. While Amazon hasn't made any official statement, it would make sense for them to take advantage of their partnership with Whole Foods, which the retailer purchased last year for $13.7 billion.

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