Yahoo WakingNews Alarm Clock awakens you with audio news alerts

Yahoo has released a new alarm clock app it's calling WakingNews Alarm Clock audio snippets of the latest news from a number of sources. The app is currently being tested on Android, and if you are interested you could download and test it right now.

Download from the Google Play Store
Price Free
Requirements Android

Currently, the app provides news updates from the following sources:
  • Huffington Post
  • Yahoo News
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Yahoo Sports
  • Yahoo Entertainment
  • Engadget
The latest audio headlines become available as early as 6:30am ET each morning. Fortunately, the app doesn't restrict itself to news headlines alone. Yahoo fans who prefer a different wake-up call can pick from a cuckoo clock, early twilight, a gentle breeze, and more.

Once you have installed the app it is easy and straightforward to set up. Pick between sounds and news sources, pick your favorite news sources and make sure the audio volume is loud enough to get your attention.

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