Verizon pre-paid plan lets you save $5 each month with Auto Pay

Verizon pre-paid plan lets you save $5 each month with Auto Pay

Verizon customers who sign up for the carrier's Auto Pay feature on their pre-paid service will receive a $5 per line discount starting today. With Auto Pay enabled, your account is automatically charged its monthly fee and payments are made toward your Verizon balance.

This new discount will be available for the $65 for unlimited service, $45 for 8GB of high-speed 4G LTE service, $35 for 3GB of 4G wireless connectivity, and $30 for 500MB of 4G LTE service. Once the 4G LTE data allowed for a particular month is consumed, you are limited to 2G data speeds for the remainder of the billing cycle.

Each account is currently allowed up to 10 lines, compared to the 5 lines previously allowed. All Verizon's plans now include unlimited talk and text. All pre-paid smartphone plans include unlimited international text to more than 200 destinations.

With Verizon's Mix and Match savings, everyone in the family can have the amount of data they need each month, without having to share it. Customers who have 2-10 lines on pre-paid plans priced at $40 a month or higher ($35/month using Auto Pay) will receive a monthly savings of $10 to as much as $20.

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