Marvel Strike Force updated (2.1) for iOS and Android with Brotherhood of Mutants

Marvel Strike Force updated (2.1) for iOS and Android with Brotherhood of Mutants

Today FoxNext is rolling out version 2.1 of Marvel Strike Force, which introduces three new members of the Brotherhood of Mutants to the game. The update also brings a few new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Marvel Strike Force is a free-to-play turn-based role-playing mobile game for the iOS and Android platforms, based on your favorite Marvel characters. The plot deals with players taking the role of commander and assembling a team of heroes and villains to battle the threat of sinister forces led by Ultimus.

You can download the Marvel Strike Force for iOS through the Apple App Store and Marvel Strike Force for Android through the Google Play Store

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Brotherhood of Mutants

While each champion works well by themselves, once combined the Brotherhood of Mutants can become an unmatched force on Marvel Future Fight, even said to be able to take down Nick Fury and his S.H.I.E.L.D. team. Each member of the Brotherhood team can be collected separately and eventually you will get a chance to obtain their leader Magneto


A shape-shifting infiltrator, Mystique disrupts opposing strategies by copying positive effects and using her anti-stealth abilities. You can obtain Mystique right now from the Villians 5-6 Campaign.


A durable Brawler, Sabretooth makes mincemeat out of anyone that Taunts in a battle. Cut down the enemy front line with his Special Ability. Sabretooth is available as a random drop through premium orbs. He will be available to unlock in a future event campaign.


The tank to end all tanks, Juggernaut possesses a very potent Taunt, and he gains power over time via his Charge. Juggernaut can be unlocked through the Unstoppable event campaign starting November 11 and through the S.T.R.I.K.E Raid: Beta starting November 14 at 4:00PM (PST).


The human flamethrower does a lot of damage-over-time in combat. Pyro also blocks and removes positive effects, making him a nuisance for enemies. Pyro will be made available through Blitzes on November 23 and November 30.


The leader of the Brotherhood is effective alone, with Area of Effect control and damage abilities, but he’s also a powerful ally--boosting the stats and abilities of every other Brotherhood member. The only way you can unlock Magneto is by assembling a strong squad of mutants (Wolverine, Storm, Juggernaut, Pyro, Mystique, and Sabretooth) and battling his Asteroid M Legendary Event Quest.

New Features
  • Unlock Juggernaut through new Raid and Event Campaigns. Gather your best Mystic squad and join forces with Juggernaut in his new Campaign.
  • Implemented additional cheat detection. Cheating is a violation of our terms of service, and the principles of fair play. Cheaters will be banned
  • Introducing… Saved Squads! Now you can switch between pre-saved squads in different game modes.
  • Storm is now available through Mystic 2-3 Campaign.

Bug fixes:
  • Ant-Man's passive ability text updated for accuracy
  • Iron Man's level 6 special ability preview now matches the description box
  • Spider-Man’s level 7 basic ability now upgrades the secondary target damage
  • Ms. Marvel now assists Black Panther properly after he uses his charged ultimate ability
  • Combat passive abilities that apply positive effects at spawn now last for the intended duration
  • Wolverine’s ultimate shout sound effect restored
  • Fixed Storm’s Dynamic Camera
  • Did your character resist a negative effect during combat? Now it correctly says “Resisted” when that happens
  • Store dialogue no longer repeats during the tutorial
  • Fixed issue where two players were able to finish the same Raid node
  • The global damage leaderboard now shows the correct team composition
  • The Free Orb art on the main screen now matches the art in the Orb Chamber
  • Minor visual polish to Dark Dimension
  • Fixed Thor’s hammer’s visual in his victory pose
  • Corrected several Blitz Leaderboard visual issues

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