Marvel Contest of Champions updated (21.0) for iOS and Android

Marvel Contest of Champions updated (21.0)

Kabam has released version 21.0 of Marvel Contest of Champions for iOS and Android bringing a new monthly quest, new characters, features, improvements and bug fixes. You can learn more about the update and download the latest version below.

New Quests

Brawl in the Battlerealm

This month's quest will see summoners face off against the original victor of the Contest of Champions - Ægon, as he takes on one of the elders of the Marvel universe, Tryco Slatterus - The Champion.

The Champion's Clash
(will be available on November 28)

This is a gauntlet style quest where you’ll fight paths of 5 foes and fight The Champion at the end. The challenge lets you fight up various levels of difficulty including a new EPIC difficulty, which requires Summoners to fight the gauntlet from start to finish.

This quest will last two weeks. Learn more about the rewards and nodes here.

Back Issues #1 - Ultron's Assault
(will be available starting November 14)

Back Issues will allow you to experience classic quests in one of two types: CLASSIC and VARIANT. CLASSIC will be an experience largely unchanged from the quest in its original format, while VARIANT is locked to summoners of Level 40 or higher. 

For completing and mastering all of the Classic quests, you earn: 
  • Tier 2 Generic ISO x4 
  • Tier 3 Generic ISO x22 
  • Tier 4 Generic ISO x6 
  • Gold x12250 
  • Units x225 
  • Tier 1 Alpha Catalyst x1 
  • Premium Hero Crystal x3 
  • 3-Star Hero Crystal x1 
For completing and mastering all of the Variant quests, you earn:
  • 5-Star Rank 2 → 3 Gem Crystal x3 
  • 5-Star Rank 3 → 4 Gem Crystal (2015 Champions Only) x3 
  • 5-Star Rank 3 → 4 Gem Crystal x1 
  • 5-Star Rank 4 → 5 Gem Crystal x1 
  • 5-Star Awakening Gem Crystal x1 
  • 5-Star Crystal x2 Tier 5 Basic Catalyst Fragments x21600 
  • 6-Star Crystal Shards x2250 
  • 5-Star Signature Stone Crystal x48 
  • Gold x2,100,000 
  • Units x360

Ultron's Assault is a permanent mode which will remain in the game, allowing Summoners to test their ability to conquer it over time. You can learn more about the quest here.

New Champions

As usual, Kabam will be releasing two new champions during the month of November

Tryco Slatterus, The Champion

The Champion is one of the alien Elders of the Universe. He wishes to prove himself the greatest warrior in the universe and keeps himself busy by fighting powerful warriors throughout the universe.


Ægon is a new addition to the Marvel lore, introduced by Kabam for the first time during the NYCC 2018. He is attributed as the first winner of the Contest of Champions.

You can learn more about Ægon on the Marvel Contest of Champions website, on the game's forum post and by watching the video below.

New Features


Dungeons resume November 19th with new features and improvements:
  • Friend Progression - Complete Dungeon Rooms with friends or Alliance members to increase your Friendship Levels and earn Friendship Bonus Rewards!

Additionally, complete rooms via Matchmaking to earn a Matchmaking Bonus Reward!
  • Rematch - Summoners now have the ability to return to the Dungeon Lobby with the same partner after concluding a Dungeon.
  • Point Multiplier - Summoners can redeem a Boost to increase the Dungeon Points they get through each run.
  • Clearer Reward Tiers - Moving away from hidden Prestige Ratings by implementing a system where Reward Tiers and Milestones are based on having the necessary number of Champions of a certain Star Rating.

Profile Pic

Summoners now have the ability to customize their Profile Pic!
  • Set your Profile Pic to be any Champion that you own.
  • You can buy new Premium Profile Pics from the Store, which feature the heroic weapons, unique items and characters of The Contest.
  • You can continue to demonstrate your strength by using your Profile Pic to display your top Champion!

Story Mode Progression

To acknowledge the Summoners of The Contest who have progressed through our epic stories, we are adding new Titles for those who are able to complete Act 2, Act 3, and Act 4.

Summoners who have already achieved these goals will be granted their Titles near the end of the month. Like becoming Uncollected, these Titles grant their bearers improved Daily and 4-Hour Crystals. Watch for the titles and new Crystals in the game in the coming weeks.


  • Updated HUD responsiveness when switching between stances.

  • Fixed an issue where Ghost Rider was able to have Permanent Life Steal when affected by Ability Accuracy Reduction.

  • Fixed an issue where multiple stacks of Coldsnap will all expire when the first expires

  • Now has a separate icon for his Reverberation Cooldown.
  • Fixed Killmonger’s Indestructible Charges to correctly interact with Ability Accuracy.

  • Fixed an issue where Autoblock was not consuming 3 Fury Buffs on activation

  • Will now gain power when affected by another Mephisto’s Aura of Incineration.

  • Resolved issue where Sentinel’s Signature was not increasing in potency on some Android Devices.

  • Fixed an issue where Venom was not immune to Power Burn and Power Drain.
  • Fixed an issue where Venom’s Klyntar Buff was not inhibiting evades.

  • Fixed an issue where the Wisdom Mastery was not increasing the amount of Experience gained from moving over a node in Quests

  • The Wisdom Mastery will now correctly give its flat bonus XP for each Quest Tile that gives XP when traveled over.
  • Improved an issue with the animation of Jump-Kick Medium 2 Attacks that Champions like Spider-Man share.
  • Fixed an issue where Requesting Help in Arena, then entering a Dungeon, would require Help to be requested for those Champions again
  • Fixed an issue where Champions selected for Dungeons would change after a disconnection
  • Fixed an issue where Alliance Quest exploration percentages were not displaying correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Defenders in Alliance Wars are not correctly displaying their PI
  • Fixed an issue where some devices would receive a notification that the game has stopped working when not in-game.

You can download the latest version of Marvel Contest of Champions directly on your Apple device through the Apple App Store, and on your Android device through the Google Play Store

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