Google could be working on two mid-range Pixel smartphones

Google could be working on two mid-range Pixel smartphones

Since Google announced their Pixel smartphones, the company distanced themselves from their affordable Nexus solutions opting to compete with Apple in the premium price point. Now it looks like the company may be planning to introduce a couple of affordable Pixel smartphones in the mid-range category.

The first traces of a mid-range Pixel date back to June this year, but more recently references to a device codenamed Bonito was spotted within the ARCore app. Verified leakster Roland Quandt would confirm that it was a mid-range device that Google was working on set to debut in early 2019. He also confirmed that while device details were sparse, that it would be powered by the Snapdragon 710 chipset.

Interestingly besides Bonito, the teardown of the ARCore app has also revealed a second reference to a device named Sargo. Both Bonito and Sargo are fish names and the fish-themed codename trend is something the company is known for with their hardware.

Even though Google opted to release three generations of expensive smartphones, it looks like the company wants to bring its Pixel brand to more affordable smartphones making them a popular choice in markets like India.

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