Get one year of Hulu for only $1 per month

Get one year of Hulu for only $1 per month

Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring several types of deals, including massive discounts from gaming, music and TV services on their subscription fees. The latest offer for Hulu subscribers lets you pay only $0.99 per month for an entire year of service.

Keep in mind that after your 1-year subscription expires, you will return to the usual $7.99 per month price. You can, however, decide to unsubscribe at that point if you are unhappy with the cost or service. The discounted package includes 'minimal' commercial interruptions, unlike Hulu's pricier $12 package, but essentially offers the same content.

Additionally, this offer is only available to new subscribers and customers who have not been on Hulu in the past 12 months or more. This deal cannot be combined with any other offers or pricing plans from Hulu.

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