Cloudflare launches free mobile DNS resolver app

Cloudflare launches free mobile DNS resolver app

Cloudflare launched in April 2018, claiming to offer the fastest public DNS resolver in the world. Today the company is launching for iOS and Android allowing you to use the flip a switch and instantly hide your internet connection info from prying eyes.

You can download Cloudflare for Android through the Google Play Store and CloudFlare for iOS through the Apple App Store.

Android iOS
Download from Google Play

Download from Apple App Store
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Android iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Once you install the app, simply swipe the button to get connected. No manual network settings changes needed.

DNS (Domain Name System) describes the directory of the Internet. Whenever you click on a link, send an email, open a mobile app, often one of the first things that have to happen is your device needs to look up the address of a domain. Using a DNS resolver like will protect your browsing history from Internet Service Providers and Hackers.

Cloudflare is a company that offers a wider range of services for both everyday web surfers and website developers, allowing it to make "free for life", with no in-app purchases or upsells. 

The millions of sites on Cloudflare get a much-appreciated performance boost when visited by users, the company’s network grows in both size and reliability, while users receive peace of mind, as well as improved speeds.

While using a DNS resolver isn't as secure as using a VPN service like Hidester or ExpressVPN, it’s a great first step towards a "faster, more private Internet."

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