Apple watchOS 5.1.1 released to fix Apple Watch bricking

Apple watchOS 5.1.1 released to fix Apple Watch bricking

After releasing the final version of to the public, Apple received reports of the firmware causing models to get bricked. After quickly recalling the update, and identifying the issue Apple has now released iOS 5.1.1 which should hopefully resolve the issue in watchOS 5.1 which adding all the features the update included.

Apple has previously stated that it would be pulling “back the software update as a precaution” ahead of a new release. It had also encouraged any affected users with AppleCare to invoke their subscription and have the issue resolved. The company was informed its users that if the update that was previously released was successful then there would be no need to worry and that they could go through the update process again now that Apple has released the “fixed” version in the form of watchOS 5.1.1.

Now that the update is live, customers who have faced this issue can download the latest version of watchOS using the Watch app on their iOS devices, and heading to General > Software Update. Before attempting to install the update, make sure your Apple Watch and iPhone are adequately charged and that they are within Bluetooth connectivity of one another. It is advised to keep your Apple Watch on its charger during the update process.

source - Apple

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