Android Q will include native support for foldable phones

Android Q will include native support for foldable phones
Android Q is the next major version of Google's mobile platform, expected to be announced next summer. During the ongoing Android Dev Summit, Google revealed that we should "expect to see Foldables coming from several Android manufacturers, including one Samsung previewed today and plans to offer next year."

According to Google, there will be short-term and long-term adaption, and a full native support will be coming with Android version 10. At first, we will see Android P being optimized for foldable phones like the one Samsung unveiled yesterday. Eventually, this will be expanded to a system-wide level and include support for dual-screen phones as well.

As demonstrated in the image above, Google will start off by supporting apps like YouTube, which will let users continue to watch where they left off on a secondary display. Such apps will behave as they usually do an outer display, and with a continuity feature they will pick up where you left off on the larger display.

Foldable Devices

Google also spoke in detail about how apps would work on devices like Samsung's foldable prototype. Where the multi-window feature splits the screen in three, allowing an app on one half, and two apps one below the other on the other half. Currently, two of those will remain paused when the foldable gets open unless both the app developer and the phone maker "opt-in" for a multi-resume. An update coming to Android Pie will allow manufacturers to flag all visible apps, while multi-resume will be mandatory on Android Q.

While Google used YouTube as an example, third-party developers have already started optimizing their apps for the new foldable form factors. Flipboard for Android already has a working prototype which lets you flip through article content as they would through a paper thanks to the foldable aspect of future displays.

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