Pokemon GO announces fourth-gen creatures to collect

Pokemon GO announces fourth-gen creatures to collect

Pokemon GO developers Niantic has announced that it has introduced fourth-generation Pokemon to their game. Originally discovered in the Sinnoh region, featured in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, these little critters are exclusive to various regions across the globe.

The official announcement highlights Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup as three of the new Pokemon added to the latest update. We expect there to be more, but since fourth-gen Pokemon will be added to the game in waves, you'll be able to discover more over the next few weeks by heading into the wild, hatching Eggs, or battling in raids.

At least three new Pokemon have been found to be exclusive to certain regions, which means you won't be able to catch them unless you travel to those parts of the world.
  • Carnivine – found in the southeastern United States, including Florida, Maryland, and Georgia.
  • Chatot – found in Australia, but also Brazil.
  • Pachirisu – found in Canada and the United States (sightings limited to Alaska).
Now with the addition of fourth generation Pokemon, players will have a new sense of engagement with the game. Since there is no way of knowing what new Pokemon you'll find in your region and when, be prepared for anything while you're hunting.

source - Niantic | Polygon

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