Microsoft Surface Headphones officially announced

The Microsoft Surface Headphones is the newest member of the Surface family, featuring Cortana integration and noise-cancelling technology. These premium headphones are priced at a whopping $350 and are expected to be "shipping in time for the holidays."

Microsoft Surface Headphones come with a dial on the right side, which can be used to adjust volume, while you can use the "Hey Cortana" command to initiate hands-free voice commands. Microsoft offers a fairly stylish and robust design on their headphones, which weigh in at around 290 grams.

Surface Headphones

It also includes an option that allows users to adjust the level of noise cancellation, and just like other more expensive headphones, the Surface Headphones will automatically stop playing music or video when they are removed from your ears. Microsoft promises a premium experience to go with its price stating that the Surface Headphones have been "engineered for rich, clear acoustics."

The Surface Headphones also feature touch controls on the ear cups, which will allow users to pause, play and skip tracks. In terms of battery life, Microsoft claims you can get up to 15 hours of music playback over Bluetooth or up to 50 hours when plugged in with 2 hours of charge. You also get fast charging, with Microsoft claiming "almost an hour of music with just 5 minutes" of charging.

The new headphones can be pre-ordered from the Microsoft Online store on November 15, and will ship out to customers on November 19. While these headphones can be paired with macOS, Android or iOS, one of Microsoft's key selling points is its "hassle-free" pairing with your Windows PC.

source - Microsoft

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