Lyft All-Access Plan promises to save you money

Lyft All-Access Plan promises to save you money

Lyft has a new plan to help it compete with veteran transportation service provider Uber. This new subscription based business plan could generate a steadier, safer revenue for the company and provide its American customers with more freedom and help shape "the world’s best transportation" platform.

Alongside the general single trip service offered by Lyft, customers could also sign up for al All-Access  monthly subscription which costs $299. This will cover up to 30 rides on Lyft, and each rude can cost up to $15. This would get you a savings of $150 bucks if you are someone who regularly takes rides at this rate. If your ride exceeds the $15 cost, you will have to pay the difference. Unfortunately, unused rides do not roll over to the next subscription period.

If you happen to exceed the 30 ride monthly total, you can get an additional 5 percent off additional Lyft rides. You can also cancel your All-Access membership anytime if you feel you’re not taking advantage of the perks included. The Lyft All-Access Plan is coming to “everyone in the US by the end of the week.”

source - Lyft

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