Google Image Search now has Google Lens integration

Google Image Search now has Google Lens integration
Google is enhancing its mobile search functionality by integrating Google Lens with Google Image Search. If you live in the United States and are searching in English, you will now see Google Lens under every result that pops up on Google Images.

When you press the Google Lens button, you will see various objects it recognizes on the image represented by dots. Clicking on them will prompt a slide up menu containing similar items to appear on screen. You could also use your finger to add a circle to anything on the image that interests you.

Google Lens - Sofa Search demo

While these dots will initially products and objects associated with online shopping, it will be able to identify landmarks, animals, and plants in the coming months. While the service is initially only available in English for the US, Google hopes to roll out the service to other countries and in other languages soon.

source - Google

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