Google Home Hub is a smart display that works as a picture frame, assists you in the kitchen and manages home automation

The Google Home Hub is a smart display from Google, combining a 7 inch display to a speaker and offered in a few colorful options. Besides acting as a photo frame when not in use, the Home Hub is also a great assistant in the kitchen and full manages your home automation.

Intelligent Picture Frame

Google claims that their Home Hub is the "world's best photo frame" with Google Photos integration. It features Live Albums, which displays photos of people or objects you choose, updates them as you do, and uses machine learning to discard blurry or underexposed photos.

Kitchen Helper

You can use the Home Hub to help you in the kitchen with recipes and how-to videos. You can use the hub to set timers or play some music while you work.

Home Automation

The Hub can control your smart home appliances with the new Home View interface. You can use the Voice Match feature to see your personalized events, commute, reminders and more.

You can use the Hub to control your lights at night, with phrases like "Hey Google, Good Night", to turn off the lights or use the Ambient EQ feature to dim the lighting in your room.

Pricing and Availability

You can pre-order the Google Home Hub for $149 from the Google Store, and it will be available starting October 22 at Best Buy, Walmart and other retailers. Your Cloud Home purchase will include 6 months worth of YouTube Premium.

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