Skype update removes Highlights to focus on calls, video chats and messages

Skype update to version 8.29 on iOS and Android
Skype has been updated to version 8.29 for both Android and iOS. With this update, Microsoft has removed the Highlights feature from Skype once again allowing the app to focus primarily on phone calls, messaging and video calls.

In order to declutter the UI, there will only be three buttons on Skype moving forward - Chats, Calls and Contacts. Highlights and Capture will be removed.

 Highlights was similar to Stories on Instagram and Snapchat, but "didn't resonate with a majority of users," according to Skype. Those who used Highlights will be able to download all of the posts they put up on the site until September 30th.

Additionally Microsoft has launched a new website called Skype Ideas which lets you submit your ideas for the Skype app. You can provide Microsoft with feedback on how you think Skype can be improved. Your ideas get listed on the site where community members can vote on them.

You can download the latest version of Skype for iOS through the Apple App Store and Skype for Android through the Google Play Store. You can also download Skype directly on your device by using the following links

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Download from Google Play Download from Apple App Store
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Android iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Skype's director of design, Peter Skillman says that we can expect more updates to Skype over the next several months as the app focuses on calling, chat, and contacts. He also states the Skype team is "passionate about bringing you closer to the people in your life."

"To develop these designs, our team worked closely with Skype customers. We looked at how people use Skype apps, performing extensive testing across global markets and building prototypes to test new concepts. We also created a UserVoice site so you can vote on the feature changes you want us to prioritize. While we have plenty of work left to do, we hope you find these changes simplify your experience and bring you closer to those who matter."

-Peter Skillman, Director of Design, Skype

We expect that Microsoft will also extend these changes to the desktop version of Skype in an upcoming build.

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