Google Trips update will make travel planning much easier

Google Trips update will make travel planning much easier

Google Trips for Android and iOS was launched a little over two years ago, and today we see the company is releasing some significant new features and improvements to the app to make travel planning easier. These new features are expected to be released to Google Trips users in October.

Google wants their users to have a seamless experience across all their apps and services, and they want this to apply to your travel planning. The first step of booking a flight or hotel room is receiving a confirmation in your email. If you use GMail, Google will automatically use this information to make suggestions about the place you are visiting in your Google Search results.

Google Search suggestions

For example, if you search for a city you are planning to visit on Google, you will be shown information like weather, restaurants or events in that city.

Additionally, Google Trips will show you information on your trips, like flight prices, destination-specific flight and hotel searches, as well as places you've saved. You can view your trips under the "Your Trips" tab  in the Google Flights or Hotels on your phone.

Google My Trips

Google Flights is also being updated to show users how their flight prices compare to specific time periods. You can check if your flight prices are higher or lower than usual, comparing rates with December holidays like Christmas and New Year’s. Users around the world will see this feature appear over the coming weeks when you search for flights on your phone over the December holidays. We’ll also notify you if prices are not going to drop or if they’re likely to rise in the next five days.

Google Flights

The new Hotel scoring feature will allow users to pick the perfect hotel on their next trip based on information from their Google Maps. You can see if the hotel is close to things like bars, landmarks or public transportation. You’ll also get information on getting to and from airports.

Google Hotel scoring

You can download the latest version of Google Trips for iOS or Android directly on your device through its respective app store, or by using the following links.

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