Google Inbox app to shut down in March 2019

Google Inbox app to shut down in March 2019Inbox by GMail was launched by Google a couple of years ago aiming to offer a better email experience to its users. Instead of being an alternative to GMail, the app was meant to be an active platform for Google to test new features it could bring to GMail.

Inbox offered users a lighter GMail experience, focusing on a more refined interface with some useful features not available to GMail users. However with the last update to GMail in April, most of Inbox's features have been ported over to the main client.

Google initially suggested that Inbox was here to stay, and that users should not be worried about the future of the app. However, recently the company has confirmed that it will shut down Inbox in March 2019.

While Google said there are still a few Inbox features that it would like to bring over to GMail, it still plans to move forward with shutting down the app. In order to make the transition easier, Inbox users have been provided with a support guide that offers all the information needed to migrate back to GMail.

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