Get the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for $15 per month on Sprint

Get the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for $15 per month on Sprint

Sprint is offering a deal on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on its Flex lease plan, allowing you to pick up the $999 smartphone for just $15 per month for 18 months. With Sprint's Flex plans you pay for the device over 18 months at which point you can return it (in an OK condition) to Sprint. If you wish to keep the handset, you can buy it outright or pay the remaining cost over 6 months.

For the Galaxy Note 9, you will be paying $15 per month for the first 18 months as we mentioned above, following by $41.67 for 6 additional months should you decide to keep the handset. That means the $999 smartphone will only cost you $520 which is an amazing deal.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features a 6.4 inch AMOLED display, 128GB of internal storage with optional microSD up to 512GB, dual (12MP+12MP) rear cameras, an 8MP front camera, Qi wireless charging, a fingerprint scanner, a 4000mAh battery and an octa-core processor with up to 8GB of RAM.

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