Samsung Galaxy Note 8 receives August security patch

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 receives August security patch

Samsung has started to push out the August security patch for Android to its Galaxy Note 8 which includes all the latest security patches from Google, and likely includes a few bug fixes and improvements from Samsung.

Samsung started off by pushing the security update to the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in record time, showing the company's commitment to quick update rollouts. The update to these devices also included improvements to Samsung's Game Launcher app, and we assume those improvements will also find their way to the Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung actually started pushing the update out to the Note 8 last week, but had to recall it after discovering several bugs in the release. With the new release, we assume the South Korean company has taken the time to smoothen out the update for public consumption.

The rollout has started in the UAE region for Galaxy Note 8 units, and we expect the update to start appearing in other regions in the coming days. Expect a notification when the update is available on your device, at which point you can initiate the update by following the steps. You can also manually install the update by checking for its availability under Settings.

source - SamMobile


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