Samsung Galaxy Home smart assistant announced with Bixby

Samsung Galaxy Home smart assistant announced with Bixby

The Samsung Galaxy Home is a high-end smart speaker that's meant to compete with Apple's HomePod, Google's Home and Amazon's Echo. It stands apart from some of the more entry level offerings by promising a combination of "amazing sound and elegant design."

The Galaxy Home is shaped like a drum or vase, covered in fabric and stands on three metal legs. The top of the device is flat, with buttons that control volume and skipping audio tracks. The device is packed with six built-in speakers and subwoofer which should offer surround sound like audio. It also features eight far-field microphones for detecting voice input. Samsung's Bixby assistant is onboard awaiting your command.

While Samsung didnt have more to reveal about the Galaxy Home smart speaker, but said they'd share more during their developer conference in early November.

Samsung's Galaxy Home is entering a competitive market, where Amazon's Echo has taken a commanding lead. Google has also succeed in the market with their affordable Home devices. Samsung will likely want to compete against Apple though, with its high end offering aimed at a niche audience.

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