You can now buy the Essential Phone with Android Pie

You can now buy the Essential Phone with Android Pie on Amazon

The Essential Phone with its 'edge-to-edge' display and powerful hardware has a lot to offer at its $400 price tag. After being one of the first handsets to be treated to Android Pie, it is once again available for purchase through various retailers.

The Essential Phone is an Android smartphone made with titanium and ceramic. It features a 5.7 inch display with a 2560x1312 pixel resolution, 128GB of internal storage, dual (13MP+13MP) rear cameras, an 8MP front camera, a fingerprint reader, USB Type C, and a Snapdragon 835 processor with 4GB of RAM.

Amazon is offering the unlocked 'Halo Gray' variant of the Essential Phone for $370, while the 'Black Moon' model will cost you $345 and the 'Pure White' model $372.

You may also be able to pickup the Essential Phone on eBay, where the 'Black Moon' model has been priced at $360.

Both color variants of the handset are also available on Best Buy, but the retailer is expecting $500 for the handset.

Buy on Best Buy

Meanwhile the manufacturer is offering their only flagship as part of a bundle deal, including $107 worth accessories with your purchase and pricing the Essential Phone at $399

The free accessories included with the purchase of the Essential Phone from Essential include
  • Free 360 modular camera ($49 value)
  • Free HD earphones ($49 value)
  • Free Case ($9 value)
The deal is available for the Black Moon or Pure White color options, and with financing the phone costs only $19 a month.

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