OnePlus 6 receives Android P Developer Preview 3

OnePlus 6 receives Android P Developer Preview 3

This year, Google expanded their Android Developer preview program to multiple Android manufactures, instead of limiting it to their Pixel and Nexus devices. One of the handsets that was on the list for these updates was the OnePlus 6, which is now receiving the Android P Developer Preview 3.

Since this is a non-Google device, the update wont be pushed automatically over-the-air. Instead the users interested in testing this update will have to follow the instructions provided by OnePlus or by following our guide on how to install Android P on your device.

Please keep in mind that this is an experimental software release from Google and OnePlus, and it is not recommended for everyone.  OnePlus also warns its customers that, "As it is still in an early stage of development, we do not recommend flashing this ROM if you have little to no experience in software development or flashing custom ROMs. Proceed at your own risk!"

If you are still willing to risk installing the update, make sure your device battery is charged to at least 30%, and that you have at least 3GB of available storage on your device before you proceed.

The changelist for Android P Developer Preview 3 includes:

  • Updated Android security patch to 2018.7
  • Updated Google Mobile Services
  • Improved system stability
  • Fixed issue with hotspot functionality
  • Camera
  • Improved image quality
  • Fixed issue with watermark option functionality
  • Third-Party Apps
  • Improved camera functionality with third-party apps
  • Fixed compatibility issues with certain third-party apps

Other known Issues

  • System stability and power consumption issues
  • Bluetooth
  • Compatibility issues with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Third-Party Apps
  • Some apps may not function as expected when running on this Developer preview release

source - OnePlus

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