Lease the Samsung Galaxy S9 for $9 per month on Sprint

Are you in the market for a Samsung Galaxy S9? Sprint has a great deal, where the carrier is charging only $9 a month for the handset through its Flex lease plan. That's 73% off its regular lease price. You will start seeing a $24 bill credit show up on your invoice every month after the first two bills.

This deal is available to customers switching to Sprint, or existing customers adding a new line. Those who prefer the larger Samsung Galaxy S9+ will have to pay $14 per month. That adds up to a 63% discount from the carrier's usual monthly lease price for that handset.

After 12 months, you will be eligible to trade in your phone for a newer model. After 18 months, you can either return your leased Galaxy smartphone or pay the extra and keep the device for yourself. That balance of $198 (plus taxes) for the Galaxy S9 can be paid off over 6 months, while Galaxy S9+ balance would be $228 (plus taxes) over 6 months. Since this is a leased device, you will have to use it carefully with the protection of a case.

Lease the Samsung Galaxy S9 for $9 per month on Sprint

With Samsung expected to announce next year's flagships very soon, so it makes sense that Sprint would want to clear its inventory in time for their arrival early next year. This deal is also a great way to bring in new customers, who get to use Samsung's flagship smartphones at affordable rates.

You can take advantage of these deals through the Sprint website by following the link below or by calling 844-609-6638. Sprint will even waive the $30 one-time activation fee for those participating in this deal.

source - Sprint


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