Google Calendar update lets you easily reschedule meetings

Google Calendar update lets you easily reschedule meetings
Google is rolling out a new update to Google Calendar, which aims to make organizing and attending meetings easier. Starting now on web, and available on the mobile version of the platform August 13, Google Calendar lets users more easily reschedule meetings and communicate effortlessly between attendees.

If you have a conflict with a scheduled meeting, you will now be able to propose a new time, along with an attached message updating participants on the reason. The meeting organizer can review and accept or deny the request. Additionally, if attendees have made their calendars public, organizers will be able to see the dates they are available in a new window, making it easier to schedule meeting at a suitable time.

Google Calendar update (1)

Google Calendar update (2)

The updated rescheduling feature on Google Calendar should work across domains and with Microsoft Exchange. Attendees will be able to send proposals to organizers using Exchange, who in turn can receive proposals from guests.

source - Google

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