Five Reasons to use Ting Mobile Wireless Service

Five Reasons to use Ting Mobile Wireless Service

Ting is an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) which means that this wireless communications services provider does not own the wireless network infrastructure. Instead it users the networks of the major wireless providers to bring service to its customer. This allows the company to focus on the service itself, making Ting one of the most affordable wireless service providers in the market.

Ting was launched back in February 2012 by Tucows, a company formally known best for its directory of shareware and freeware software downloads. But over the years the company has built a strong and loyal customer base simply by adapting a new approach.

This has made Ting an easy choice for many who are seeking an affordable, yet reliable mobile network. In case you are curious, here are five reasons you should be considering Ting's Mobile Wireless Service yourself.

1) You only pay for what you use

While traditional mobile carriers charge a set among each month on their "plans", Ting has a very unique pricing model. While this may not suite the heavy users, its ideal for customers who want to only pay for what they use.

What this means is that you get an a-la-carte mode with Ting, instead of paying a set price for unlimited messaging, you can pick how many messages you send on average per month and pay only for what you use. 

Because the billing itself is dynamic, exceeding what you predict will just automatically switch you to the higher bracket for that month. You will return to your original selection on every monthly cycle.

One of the cheaper options picked in the example above, gives two lines with 100 mins of talk, 100 messages and 1GB of data for around $34 a month. A price which is hard to beat. Not sure how much of each you need ? Simply look over your current carrier bill and feed the information into Ting's usage calculator to see how much you can save.

2) Family Friendly Features built in

Finding a family friendly plan can be quite cumbersome. First you will have to find a carrier that offers a set number of lines per family member. Then you will have to look at the various added costs that make up for those plans. Family plans can easily cost you $100 a month, requiring a minimum of 4 lines to be added to your account.

With Ting you can add or remove lines as you please. The carrier will charge you $6 per line (per device) on your account with no limits. All the usage falls under one account, making it easy to monitor and adjust based on each individual user.

Keep in mind that this doesn't factor in the cost of the hardware. Ting lets your bring your existing device into its network and you can check if your device is compatible on Ting's BYOD page. If you want to purchase a smartphone from Ting, you can do so through the carrier's monthly plans or outright.

3) Easy to Swap carriers

Ting supports porting your device from all four major carriers in the US. This means you are supported whether you are using GSM networks like AT&T and T-Mobile, or CDMA networks like Sprint and Verizon. There are a small selection of devices which may be incompatible, but you verify if your device isn't supported on the Ting website.

4) Network Coverage

One of the main reason customers are hesitant to leave the comfort of their big carriers is coverage. Fortunately I haven't faced any serious coverage issues since I started using Ting a couple of years ago. If you are connected to through a CDMA network, you will be on Sprint's network. What that means, is that Ting uses all of the cell phone towers that Sprint has, and gives you phone, text, and data (3G, 4G, 4G LTE, all of that stuff) coverage everywhere Sprint customers have coverage. Additionally Ting has also partnered up with Verizon to ensure their customers have the same coverage both Sprint and Verizon customers have coverage. Ting's GSM customers will be backed by T-Mobile's GSM network, which over the past few years has proven to have one of the best LTE networks in the business.

So no matter what hardware you are using, you can come onto Ting ensured that you will be covered

5) A generous Referral Program

If you refer a friend to Ting, they will get $25 off a device or $25 credit to use on their own account. Additionally, you will get $50 for your first successful referral and $25 for each one after that. The potential here is amazing, as you could cover your entire bill by scoring a single referral each month.

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