You can now book rides for someone else using your Uber

You can now book rides for someone else using your Uber

Uber has introduced a new feature this week, which allows a person with Uber to book a rider for someone else using their own app. This feature will become available when you set a pickup address which is not the same as the GPS location of the Uber app.

At this point, the user can select a rider from their address book and their contact information will be shared with the driver. Details including the name, license plate number, and a link to track the drivers route will be sent to the rider as a text message. The person who is requesting the ride will be able to track the ride using their Uber app.

This is a great feature for both riders and drivers, as in the past you'd have to employ informal tactics if you'd want to arrange a ride for a senior parent or a friend. This feature is available starting today in over 30 countries with more coming soon. Make sure you download the latest version of Uber on iOS or Android get get this functionality.

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source - Uber | LA Times

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