Yahoo introduces new 'Squirrel' group chat

Yahoo introduces new 'Squirrel' group chat

Yahoo yesterday introduced a brand new group chat app named Squirrel for the iOS and Android mobile platforms. The app allows you to organize different groups and create various topic based rooms. It also allows you to create secret rooms that only specific friends or family members can access.

Yahoo was once a popular name in the tech world, but has since failed out of relevance due to the various "Yahoo! data breaches," and its inability to keep up with the tech titans like Google, Apple and Microsoft.

Since then Yahoo has been acquired by Verizon, and continues to exist and update its web presence. This app is the company's latest product to enter the market.

The app is available on Android through the Google Play Store and for iOS devices through the Apple App Store. However in order to use the app you will have to request an invite code by sending an email to at this time.

Android iOS
Download from Google Play
Download from Apple App Store
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Once you have gained access, you will be able to enjoy the features Squirrel has to offer, which include:
  • Rooms - Create separate rooms for specific people or topics. Chat in the main room for group-wide announcements and banter.
  • Mute - Turn off notifications in rooms that are a snore.
  • Secret rooms - Use secret rooms for private chats with those in the know.
  • Reactions - Make inside jokes official. Create your own one-tap reactions for the group.
  • Blasts - Make sure everyone in your group sees important messages.
  • Attachments - Share photos, documents, or links. Find them later easily all in one place.
  • Activity view - Never miss an important message. Know when you are mentioned, all in one view.
We will have a detailed review of Squirrel in the coming days.

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